These experiences can be tailored according to your wish, skills and stamina. We can provide routes for all kind of cyclists: from chill-mode on country roads that meander through orchards, cornfields and typical architecture areas, down through the woods, through hills and alpine hollows.

Located in the north of Mureş County, in the east side of Transylvania, the Călimani Mountains are a pearl of Romanian tourism. Over the millenia, the waters of the Mureş River have dug several gorges offering fascinating views, difficult to describe in words, even for the most experienced narrators.

In the Călimani mountains there still are some virgin forests, in which the human foot has never stepped for centuries. This is the land of wolves, bears, lynx and deer . But you don’t need to worry, these animals are always keeping a safe distance.

However, if you are lucky enough, you have good chances to spot deer grazing or bears playing with their cubs. Whatever trail you will choose, deep inside the Călimani Mountains you will surely have an experience unmatched by any other one.

Almost everybody knows the whole Transylvania is a land of forests, beautiful and untouched landscapes. However, the Apuseni Mountains have their unparalleled charm. The local households, scattered each and everyone on a mountain ridge, give the overall impression of a multicolored lego game. 

Here, in the vicinity of the glacier surrounded by forests from Scărişoara, neighbor means someone who lives, sometimes, a few km away. A few meaning 4 or 5 km, often more. There are just few places in Europe so close to civilization and yet so far from all its evils, like noise, dust, pollution, people always in a hurry.

Nobody is in a hurry in the Apuseni Mountains, neither humans nor nature. So get a bike, come with us and explore the serenity and peacefulness of this corner of heaven. You will have plenty to watch, enjoy and ride!

The Cindrel Mountains, bordering the ancient Romanian regions of Transylvania and Wallachia have been known for millennia as a sheep breeding region. Herds of grazing sheep, guarded by dogs and accompanied by donkeys, can be seen almost everywhere, where forests have given way to pastures.

The clean air, the silence disturbed only by the chirping of birds and the flowing waters of the Cindrel River can make anyone want to come back. Like no other mountain range in the region, the Cindrel Mountains bring together the essence of all that Transylvania has best to offer to its visitors.

By simply cycling through the Cindrel Mountains, you will get closer to the simplicity of old life and Nature itself  and you will discover that the best naist in the world are the birds accompanying you on the trails.

Find three friends you want to share this experinces with, choose an ebike and contact us for further details. 
On request we can provide the perfect accomodation that suits all your needs.